Joe Tong


Joe Tong is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Registered Nurse. Throughout his life beginning in grade school, Joe has been involved in sports including baseball, track and field, basketball, football and weight training. He competed in his first bodybuilding contest at seventeen years old.

At the age of twenty, Joe suffered a ruptured disk as a result of a sports accident and was told by a neurosurgeon that he would never be able to train with weights again. After being discharged from the hospital, Joe meticulously studied injury rehabilitation and set out on a program that he designed. With some hard work he competed and won the overall title at a bodybuilding contest.

Soon thereafter, Joe started a personal training company and developed nutritional and training programs for professional athletes, entertainer and diplomats, and also for the average housewife and senior citizen desiring to get into better shape.

Joe continued to further his college education, with an emphasis in the sciences and nutrition, and has had the incredible opportunity to have learned from many of the world's top experts in the fields of nutrition, supplementation, and training.

After running his company for several years, and while competing in bodybuilding contests on a national level, Joe was offered an opportunity to develop and implement a personal training certification program for fitness trainers and college students majoring in Exercises Science in Southeast Asia. This training program is currently being used country wide in Thailand.

Joe stayed in Asia for three years then returned to America to complete his education in the medical field. He obtained his Associates of Science in nursing degree. And after receiving his license as a Registered Nurse, Joe went to work in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. He currently holds a Registered Nurse license along with several certifications in nursing.

Being in the medical field exposed Joe to patients and medical professionals who consistently asked him training and nutrition questions, and thus, Future Health and Fitness was born. Joe finds pride in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and welcomes any challenge. He enjoys the satisfaction that his clients get when they lose those unwanted pounds, gain an extra pound of muscle or increase their general sense of wellbeing.

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