Brent Moody



    My name is Brent Moody and currently I compete with the Southern Powerlifting Federation in the 220 lb. raw division. I first began weight training in high school because I did not seem to handle authority well and thus team sports did not exactly work out for me. I also seemed to have a lot of aggression built up and quickly discovered that the weights were a perfect outlet for that anger and also produced some nice aesthetic results. I have been weight training for almost 10 years now. During those 10 years, I have not gone more than 1 week without hitting the weights. It has become as routine for me as eating and sleeping. My training regimen was for all practical purposes a bodybuilding style approach but my interest seemed to be not on shaping my appearance with weights, but with moving the maximum amount of weight possible no matter what exercise I was performing.

Random Nnotes/Background

    I have some of the worst genetics one could have for the sport of powerlifting. Long limbs, chicken legs, bad knees all do not bode well for lifting heavy weights. One can simply give in to these obstacles or choose to acknowledge them and then proceed to overcome and smash through them. I chose option B.

    My articles deal mainly with overcoming many of the hurdles one faces while trying to train as hard as possible. Family, work, injuries, fatigue, leisure time, nagging girlfriend all factor in and at times can see overwhelming. I have a nine-to-five that places me in a cubicle each day but gives me the opportunity to pay for the sport I love. I have a wonderful wife that thinks I am a complete moron when I head out to train with 100 lbs. of chain in a bag with Ben-Gay all over my elbows and shoulders. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's in Risk Management and Insurance. I am currently studying to get my CSCS. My lifts are fairly modest compared to some of the big boys out there (450 squat, 400 bench, 525 deadlift). I'm not competing against those guys though. I'm competing against me and myself alone and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    As you can see from the pictures, powerlifting doesn't always translate well into aesthetics. I have yet to be able to carry 220 lbs and maintain much definition. For the time being I am just fine with that.