Summer Montabone


Summer Montabone, CSCS, is a rising star in the wellness industry. A professional fitness athlete, personal trainer, and nutrition counselor, she possesses an appealing blend of beauty, athleticism, and intelligence.

In 2004, Summer was named the "NPC Tall Class Fitness Champion" earning professional status as an IFBB Pro Fitness Athlete. Summer has competed in a few Pro contests, but spends more time coaching & mentoring amateur fitness & figure athletes.

Summer is also a NSCA- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Pre-Natal Instructor, and Licensed & Degreed Health & Physical Educator. Summer operates her own wellness business, Summer's Fitness Inc. and is co-founder of Human Potential Labs.

Summer has appeared in several national magazine publications and starred in fitness and nutrition videos.

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Summer Montabone, CSCS
IFBB Pro Fitness Athlete

Summer Montabone Summer Montabone Summer Montabone Summer Montabone


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