Joey Vaillancourt


Hey everyone, my name is Joey Vaillancourt and I am a former skinny/out of shape guy who turned his entire life around by doing the same thing you are doing today... searching for answers to a better body.

You see, I was not a certified personal trainer straight out of a well respected university graduating with top honours with a Kinesiology degree. I actually graduated with an Electronics degree at first.

I was also not gifted with above average genetics.

No I was just another lost soul amongst the mass of bad fitness information out there today desperately searching for an answer to my most burning questions.

I actually started off on an internet program and saw some fantastic results! Who knew the internet could provide real results!

I then decided enough was enough; I wanted to keep going with my transformation, so I learned more. I also started studying to become a personal trainer, so I could help others with their transformation.

Over the course of my transformation I put on over 30lbs of muscle and lost 10lbs of fat. The best part of that experience was that I learned how to implement the same actions to achieve similar results again with myself and others.


Now, 5 years later, I am a certified personal trainer, am in the best shape of my life and I just released my highly anticipated fitness program Bones To Buff.

I am also the new 2010 FAME Central Fitness Model Champion. I entered this competition at my lowest body fat level of 3.1%!

I have helped others change their life and take action and I cannot wait to start helping you with your journey.

Stop all the self doubt and start believing in you.

Take action RIGHT NOW!

I know you will find what you are looking for and I know you will achieve your goals.

On your side,
Joey Vaillancourt NSCA-CPT


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