Eric Fleishman


Eric Fleishman (better known as "Eric the Trainer") began his fitness career as a 98lb weakling. He grew up in rural Maine on a farm with sheep, pigs, and even a donkey. He was elected President of the local 4H club dedicated to swine called the "Souie Souie Pig Club."

When he was ten, Eric's father, suspecting that his son would remain small throughout his teens, took Eric to his first martial arts class. This initiated a lifelong passion with martial arts.

Due to his small size, Eric found himself taunted and teased by kids whose rough, lumberjack fathers encouraged their offspring to pursue careers in the woods. He was often found hanging on coat racks by his belt loops and was once even discovered cramped inside someone's locker. Dubbed "Squeaky" by his classmates for squeals of terror he made while being chased during a flag football game in gym class, Eric was the least likely student at Mt. Blue Jr. High to pursue a career in physical fitness. At his senior prom, his diminished size made him look as if he was with his babysitter rather than his date.

His growth spurt finally began during his second year of college. Realizing that he needed to fill out his lanky physique, Eric began a modest workout regiment at Gold's Gym in New Haven, CT. As he noticed the increase in adoring looks from girls, he caught the fitness bug.

After graduating, Eric moved to New York City and spent five years working as a personal trainer (certified through ACE and TSI) in Manhattan. It was here that he began to develop gender- specific workout regimens that would eventually become the Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Giant programs. It was also here that Eric pinpointed the science of change through diet, exercise and sleep.

In 1996 Eric moved to Los Angeles. Upon his arrival, Eric set out to find and learn from the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He located former "Vince's Gym" trainers who had helped Arnold shape his legendary physique. He studied with Nick Kane, Frank Zane (Mr. Olympia), and Don Howorth, "the Duke of Delts." Eric's drive to be the best personal trainer on the planet became legendary and his services highly in demand.

His methods have been utilized by Hollywood's top celebrities. He has appeared in major magazines and television programs, spreading the word on his unique health and fitness methods.

Eric has been an instrumental part of some of the highest profile weight loss stories of the past decade including 'The Fat Man Walking,' Ethan Suplee and Kirstie Alley.

In addition to training, Fleishman has a fitness consulting business and is a contributor to Muscle and Fitness and Inside Kung Fu magazines. Eric is heavily involved with Muscle Beach in Venice, CA and trains members of the U.S. Sumo team. He recently hosted a show "New Year, New You" for Warner Bros.

He has also taught the Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy for the past three years, and has worked with the LAPD, CHP, and SWAT teams.

As his 40th birthday approached, Eric wanted to do something special; he decided that in the spirit of his hero Jack Lalanne, doing 40,000 push-ups for his favorite charities would be a great way to start.

When he's not in the gym, Eric enjoys playing guitar and fronting his rock band 98lb. Weakling. The band's music has been featured in television and film.