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As owner and founder of Schuman's Speed & Sport Center and Schuman's Elite Training, David has trained over 1500 athletes in speed, strength, quickness and agility training and has trained numerous collegiate, pro and top scholastic athletes. He is the author of three training manuals "60 Days to Explosive Sport Specific Speed!","30 Days to Unbelievable Speed For Sport", and "Explosive, Awesome Speed In 14 Days."

David has trained and coached hundreds of all-state, all-county, and all-league performers at the high school level and has helped many teams go onto state and county championship titles. His track teams have won 5 consecutive county titles, and 2 consecutive state titles.

He currently trains All-State athletes in every sport including football, track, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, and field hockey. Two of David's pro athlete's Shane Stafford and Carl Bond have been league leading Quarterback's and Receivers in the Arena Football League.

All of his collegiate athletes in 2003 and 2004 performed in the top 5% in their position speed and strength testing. Athlete David was a Division 1 linebacker at UCONN and helped lead them to a top 20 national ranking in football. He was also a national level decathlete scoring 6500 points. In college he ran a 4.49 40 as a linebacker, was a High School Football First Team All-American according to Bigger, Faster, Stronger magazine in 1992, and was NJ State Group I High Hurdle Champ in 1991.

If you have any questions about this article or training you can contact David Schuman at Schuman's Speed & Sport Center or Schuman's Elite Training at 1-866-Schuman or 201-891-4115 or you may also email him at Schuman's web address is and Speed Center is training athletes like yours to get them faster, quicker and in better condition specific to their sport! Our program gets results and you will be trained by speed and conditioning specialists who are the best! There are no gimmicks, just results! We will make your athletes faster, quicker, and in better condition for their sport. Our focus is on the complete development which includes speed, quickness, game specific skills, position specific skills, game conditioning, and overall athleticism.

Our testing involves monthly testing in most of the areas listed. We believe it is important to test to monitor the progress of our athletes. We do not train our athletes, except ones preparing for combines, to excel at the testing. Our program is focused on getting the athlete better for their sport and the testing compliments and monitors how they have progressed through the program. Our athletes will learn how to test properly, but their focus will be on overall development for their game. We have some overview of our principles and training guidelines of our program. At Schuman's Speed Center our Principles and Programs focus on:

Program Focus:

  • Sprint Development
  • Sprint Technique
  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Foot Quickness and Foot Speed
  • Quickness through Agility work and Plyometrics
  • Sport Specific Speed and Quickness Development
  • Flexibility and Dynamic Stretching
  • Explosion and Leaping Strength

Philosophy of Program:

Build athlete's confidence and provide them with multiple opportunities to succeed and they will define their path to success!

  • Success Breeds Success
  • Develop Sound Mind and Sound Body
  • Personal Improvement is a Must
  • Always Build Confidence of Athletes

General Principles of our Speed Coaches:

  • Bring great enthusiasm to the program
  • Positive attitude is contagious, always compliment and be specific when making corrections
  • Be friendly and courteous to parents and athletes
  • Focus on self-image improvement of athletes
  • Be a technician, know mistakes, identify them and correct them
  • Be prompt and be courteous
  • Exude confidence and build their confidence
  • Greatness lies within and it is your job to help them achieve their maximum goals
  • Be aware of each individuals capabilities, skill level, and needs so as to push them hard enough to accomplish their goals, but to also enable them to love and enjoy their improvement
  • Never use sarcasm!
  • Become a motivation machine! If they beleive in you, you can accomplish anything and any program you run will be a success.


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