Bob Cicherillo


Bob earned his pro card at the 2000 USA's after 13 hard years of competing in amateur contests. He started training when he was 12 and competed in his first contest when was 13 years old.

From doing Hollywood movies, to winning contest after contest, Bob is showing the industry he means business.

Name: Robert Michael Cicherillo (chick-er-ello)
Birthplace: Rochester, N.Y.
Birth date: 12/1/65
BodySpace Profile:

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 255-60 lbs (contest) 280 lbs (off-season)
Chest: 58 in.
Arms: 22½ in.
Thighs: 31 in.
Waist: 31 in. (contest)
Calves: 21 in.Click On The Thumbnails To Enlarge The Pictures!


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