Chuck Liddell


I have been playing sports all my life. I went to college on a football scholarship, but my true passion was wrestling. I had been in karate as a kid, and MMA just sort-of found me. After a few years of training, I was given some advice on supplementation. Although I was eating pretty clean, I found that I wasn't getting nearly enough protein. I bought some whey protein powder, and after 1 month my strength, muscularity and recovery time had improved dramatically.

This dramatic improvement in performance sparked my interest in supplements. I started reading and studying all of the supplement information I could get my hands on. Around this time, at a local supplement shop I met Matt Gaines. He worked with me on my supplementation and we found out what the right combination of products was for me. About 8 years ago, Matt and I started Shocker Nutrition which is a supplement line based around what I need for my training. With our own brand, we could be sure that the products were of the highest quality.

After a few years and a few wins in the UFC, I was offered several endorsement deals with various supplement companies. I licensed my name to a couple of them, but had no real creative input as far as ingredients and pricing. Last year I decided that it was time to step-up and give the fans and the athletes a supplement line that I could stand behind personally and be proud of. Ultimate Iceman Supplements was created and we launched the line at the UFC 100 Fan Expo to coincide with my induction into the UFC Hall of Fame.

I will be discussing MMA training and supplementation in all areas from protein intake, safely cutting weight, building muscle, pre and post workout supplements and more.


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