Kelly Eiesly


Throughout high school, I was involved in athletics which drove me to be competitive. I went on to play college football at Butler University. It was there I got into weight training, however, I only knew the basics. I decided to join Gold's Gym in order to gain knowledge that I needed to become stronger for football. While at Gold's, I had the privilege to watch, and then train with professional football players, wrestlers, and bodybuilders.

I learned so much about working out that I became addicted to it. I eventually started working at the gym, and became a trainer. It was a very rewarding experience because I was doing something I really enjoyed. After college and working at Gold's, I decided to devote my life to fitness, so I worked as a personal trainer for various gyms. After years of working for these gyms, I decide to go on my own, and start a fitness business. I have been quite satisfied and happy with myself for staying in the fitness business to help others achieve their goals and pass the torch to others.