Leah Wynne


Leah first got started with weight training to compliment her martial arts. She was actually the only female at her club which served to motivate and push her that much more. She soon saw her physique begin to transform which also served as a motivational tool. Next she began to read more and more, and eventually got to the point where weight training has become her main focus.

Leah was soon inspired by other Fitness athletes and thought to herself "I can do that" even though she was always very shy and had never done anything "in public". Needless to say, she found that first show to be very scary but also a ton of fun.

?The rush from being on stage was so much stronger than the fear...I was hooked!? even though ?initially I had a major case of stage fright and was too nervous to do anything more than a small smile!?

From Fitness, she went to the Fitness Model Search, then Figure and finally Bodybuilding. Musclemania Canada '03 will be her first bodybuilding show and she is very excited about it. She finds the Fitness Model Search to be the most "fun" or ?laid back? category because there is no routine to worry about.

In the beginning Leah had no idea what to expect but she soon found out that competing is everything she would want it to be and more. ?Competing gives me a goal...something to work towards, keeps me on track with my diet and training...?

Aside for meeting other people who share the same passion for the sport and lifestyle as she does, Leah?s favourite part of competing is the finished product and the stage component. ?For weeks you put yourself through the toughest diet, insane training...and even sometimes get to the point where you're asking yourself why.

Then the final week comes and you know you've done the best you could. When you finally hit the stage you feel so good about yourself...you know everything was worth it!?

In the end though, the moment she is most proud of is when she placed first in the WNSO New York State Naturals. The competition was tough and placing first told me I have what it takes. Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs
Other: Certified Personal Trainer, Part-time Fitness & Fine Art Model, Professional Painter


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