Abby Huot


Abby Huot is a competitor, writer, and fitness model from Minneapolis, Minn. She is a former collegiate swimmer who graduated with an English Literature degree from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Since joining the fitness industry 2008, Abby has experienced a variety of events that have led her to embrace an underdog role and she hopes to offer a different perspective on the world of health and fitness for competitors and the average person.

Abby struggled with her weight until her mid-20s. She has a passion for helping and encouraging others to change their lifestyles and mindsets be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. She believes fitness starts from the inside out, not vice versa. Her outgoing personality and silly sense of humor are openly on display in her blogs, articles, and facebook page. Her goal is to complete her NSCA certification in hopes of combining science with anecdotal stories to provide a unique perspective on fit bodies, minds, and hearts.


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