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Personal trainer Mike Causadias instructs you each week with great new workouts and stimulating scenery! Fitness Up Today - It's What You Want!

Website: WhatIWantFitness.com

Read Mike's biography below!

What I Want Fitnesscast

Growing up an all-around athlete, Mike Causadias finds himself most comfortable helping others achieve there body and minds maximum potential. He has done this using personal training as his vehicle. Upon graduating Miami Dade College with a degree in Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, Causadias immediately decided he wanted to reach a large audience using his passion for health & fitness. He satisfies his daily need to help others become more physically fit through the connection that he makes with all of his clients and viewers.

Mike strives to touch all of those who seek fitness at any level whether high or low, beginners or advanced. "I feel that fitness should be FUN and CHALLENGING at the same time. My sessions are formatted so that one is able to burn calories and feel the sensation of achievement all while having fun!"

Having played competitive soccer and football, Causadias associates fitness with fun. "If you're not having fun and enjoying yourself it's hard to get into the groove of the workout limiting your body from reaching its maximum potential. Time flies when you're having fun, and if you can get fit at the same time, then that's the first step in living a happier and healthier life!" says Causadias, who touches a global audience.

Mike's success started locally in South Florida through word of mouth and a consistent referral base. His popularity and success as a trainer grew very quickly with features from local news networks and newspapers in Miami, as well as national newspapers in over 35 states. Over the past year he has branched out globally with the international success of the What I Want Fitness podcast show.


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