Rebecca Lee


How I Transformed My Body

First I will show you my tranformation pictures. The set with the light-colored bra are of me in January 2001 at 176 lbs., 32% bodyfat. The set with the dark top is September 2001 at 135 lbs., 15% bodyfat. That is a weight loss of 41 lbs. and 17% bodyfat.

Nine Months Elapsed. Click To Enlarge!

I've always been physically active, studying dance and gymnastics since the age of 3. In high school, while majoring in Dance Production, I was also a captain of our competitive dance/drill team and lettered in track and softball. I served 4? years on active duty in the US Air Force and maintained a healthy and fit lifestyle. When I met my husband in 1996, at the age of 25, I was an even 150 pounds at 5' 6 1/2", strong, and content with being a size 10. And, well, he didn't seem to mind...

Over the years, working in restaurants does do wonders for your figure... in fact, you wonder where all that food is going. In my case, it went directly to my neck, back, and thighs. On a good day I weighed 170 pounds and fit into a size 14. My diet consisted of ANYTHING I felt like eating at the time and not worrying about the calories, fat, or anything else for that matter.

In 1999, I changed career focus and became a gymnastics instructor figuring that it would also help me get back in shape. For the most part, I did grow stronger, more flexible, and regained some of my agility. But since I still ate the same old things I'd been eating for years, I remained a solid 165 pounds. During this time, I took an interest in watching the ESPN Series of Fitness America and admired the stamina, shape, and strength of the women competing. I thought with my background in athletics, dance, & gymnastics, I might be able to get my fanny in shape and maybe get noticed. I hired a personal trainer who gave me some good nutritional advice and started focusing on competing in 2000. Well, as luck would have it, 6 weeks into training, I found out that I was, of all things, pregnant! Well, there went the goals of competing in 2000, but it was a great year that saw the birth of my son, Brandon.

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