Yogi Isbell


My name is Yogi "Bigbear" Isbell. I have been training since 1975. I have my own lifting message board at http://pub45.ezboard.com/bbigbearsweighttraining. It is about drug-free training and the reasons I started this board. Having this board has given me the fever to try and share my experiences with other lifters. After all, I am still learning about bodybuilding. It has been the most positive influence in my life. I am currently writing articles on high intensity training for my board and I thought I would try to share them with a larger audience.

Favorite Body Parts: None
Favorite Exercise: Any pressing movement
Favorite Supplements: Creatine---milk and egg protien
Hobbies: Reading,lifting,playing with my kids
Favorite Bodybuilders: Rory Leidlmyer,Frank Zane,Phil Herdon,Casey Vaitor and of course Arnold

Age: 43
Weight: 210
Waist: 33
Neck: 18
Arms: 17.5
Chest: 48
Thigh: 25
Calves: 17


  • High Intensity Training Techniques!

    Learn how to increase the intensity in your workouts. Sample workouts and principles included!

  • The Big Arm Routine.

    The whole idea behind High Intensity training is to hammer the muscle than allow enough time for growth. One of the ways you do this is by taking your sets to failure.