Cyberpump opened it's doors on the Web in 1995. Since then, we've been bringing you the real deal with respect to training information every day. Cyberpump covers all aspects of training. From being THE resource for High Intensity Training (HIT), to bodybuilding, strength training for sports, strongman, and for just meeting your individual training goals. Some of Cyberpump's resources are:

  • The most comprehensive library of articles on High Intensity Training including the infamous HIT FAQ in e-book or HTML format.

  • A comprehensive Q&A section with over 10,000 Q&A's including a live forum with seven Q&A writers with over 100 years of combined experience covering from all aspects of training.

  • Writers such as Doug Daniels of Powerlifting USA, Dr. Ken Leistner, Matt Brzycki, Stuart McRobert, Richard Winett

  • The only Arthur Jones library of articles and picture gallery in existence.

  • The GripBoard. The #1 place for Grip Strength in the World.

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