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  • How To Squat: Proper Techniques For A Perfect Squat

    If you squat with proper technique and heavy (for you) poundage, you might grunt, scream, or even cry, but you probably won't be injured.

  • Top 12 Training Guidelines For Sensible High Intensity Workouts!

    Have you ever wondered what the big deal with HIT is? We have the answer! Read on to discover the top 12 training guidelines for sensible high intensity weight training! Get the most out of your time at the gym!

  • 52 Weeks Of Training!

    Have you ever trained an entire year without missing a single workout? Can you imagine what kind of development you would possess ... we are about to show you what can happen if you do.

  • Compound Exercises Versus Specialization

    By rough estimate more power is being generated in a standing press of 450 pounds than in a bench press of 600 pounds; which is not surprising. Learn more about compound exercises from the legendary Arthur Jones!

  • 20-Rep Squats: Can You Handle It?

    My goal is to add 20-30 pounds of lean muscle tissue in a years time and then come back to strongman at a rock solid 220-230 pounds, with visible abdominals to boot! How am I going to do this? 20-rep squats!

  • The Legend Of Chuck Ahrens: Fact Of Fiction?

    Discover the history of quite possibly the strongest man in the world. Journey through a chronological history of the legend, Chuck Ahrens.

  • So You Want Big Guns?

    Check out these awesome tips on how to get huge arms! Don't be fooled by the magazines anymore! Learn the truth about building huge arms!

  • The Captains Of Crush!

    What exactly is a Captain of Crush (COC)? IronMind Enterprises officially certifies those that can close an IronMind #3 gripper under certified conditions. Learn how YOU can become a COC!

  • My Modern Day Bench Shirt Experience.

    If you decide to compete in powerlifting in the bench press, make sure you do your homework with regard to bench shirts. Because competing without one these days would be like entering a gun fight with a butter knife!