Shawn Phillips


Shawn Phillips, the Philosopher of Fit, is a deep thinker with a knack for making the complex simple. Shawn has rebelled against mediocrity since he was a child. Revered for his lean, balanced physique and perfect six-pack abs, Shawn has amassed a lifetime of experience. He is one of the most respected names in health and fitness.

"I find myself increasingly allergic to mediocrity."

Phillips is the author of the best-selling books, ABSolution and Strength for Life, as well as thousands of articles on health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, motivation, and more. In these publications, Shawn brings perspective and depth to the questions most fear to ask.

Shawn integrates body, mind and soul in his "Zen of Strength" practice, which features the techniques of Focus Intensity Training (FIT). FIT blends the intensity of martial arts and the mindfulness of yoga with the muscle of strength training.

Alongside his brother, Bill, Shawn was instrumental in the explosive success of EAS and the Body For Life movement. He pioneered the computerized strength system, Powerbuilding, launched an online supplement knowledge base ( and is the founder of the "lifestyle nutrition" company, Full Strength Nutrition-which helps men live freer, clearer and stronger in the prime of life.

Shawn owns one of the most photographed physiques of a generation-best known for his symmetry and signature abs. Shawn is better known by family, friends and associates for his radical insight, inspiring vision, relentless humor, and passion to help people live great lives.



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