Jeremy Likness


Jeremy is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Performance Nutrition. Both certifications are awarded by the International Sports Sciences Administration. These certifications, combined with his vast experience assisting clients with physique transformation, have earned him his reputation as a top International Health Coach.

August of 1999 & Present.

Jeremy has transformed his own body many times experimenting with various methods of nutrition from low-carb to vegan to Body-for-LIFE(tm) and has worked with many others to help them achieve the same. He specializes in working with those who suffer from obesity or who are extremely overweight. You can learn more about Jeremy's coaching packages at:

Or by attending his weekly international teleseminars, Become Your Best Coaching, by dialing (646) 519-5800 and using pin BYB1# (2921#). For an automatic, weekly reminder, send a blank e-mail to:

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Natural Physiques, a division of Golden Summit, Inc., a company with the mission to empower individuals to lose weight and live healthy.

Jeremy is also a prolific writer who has been published in internationally renown technology magazines (iSeries, formerly News/400), fitness related publications (including Pounds-a-Weigh), and many on-line magazines such as,, Tom Venuto's, Ian King's Get Buffed! Newsletter, and His transformation has been featured in David Greenwalt's "The Leanness Lifestyle" and his pictures appeared in a calendar for the same system.

Jeremy Likness is the author of the eBook, "Become the Journey: A Transformation Guide." This book reveals how to take control of you to master a healthy lifestyle.

It focuses on training, nutrition, and the personal development aspect of physique transformation. Jeremy also produces a series of empowering CDs that focus on topics such as belief, mindset, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, and resistance training. For more details, visit his website at

To learn more about yourself and how you can conquer the mental barriers you erect to sabotage our own progress to good health, read "Become the Journey: A Transformation Guide." This e-Book is over 300 pages that not only focus on mindset, but contain easy-to-understand information about nutrition and training.Years Bodybuilding: 4 off and on
Favorite Body Parts: Abs, Biceps
Favorite Exercise: Squat
Favorite supplements: Fish oil , Flaxseed, Ultra 40 and Ultra Size
Hobbies: Writing, programming
Favorite bodybuilders: Skip Lacour, Bill & Shawn Phillips, David Greenwalt, Denise Deaton, Jeremiah Forster, Frank Zane
You Can Visit Jeremy Online At:


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