Kelly Baggett


As an athlete with a lot of determination but with very little in the way of athletic gifts, I was determined to be competitive in sports and found that increasing my speed and explosiveness was the shortest route to get me to where I wanted.

My athletic journey started over 17 years ago. My first competitive sport was motocross where I raced for 2 years. I then began training for martial arts and by the age of 15 had developed a longing to play basketball and football. I was told as a freshman in high school that I should give up on ever playing any sports because I just didn't have the athletic ability, so I guess you could say that's what started my passion.

I dedicated myself to training and education and along the way I accumulated a lot of knowledge and I did eventually achieve just about all my athletic goals and then some. By the age of 21 I became a certified trainer specializing in athletic performance and have spent years devouring every source of information I could get my hands on. Although I am a trainer I've never lost my own will to compete. Along the way I've competed and/or trained in just about every sport imaginable. Motocross, Tae-Kwon-Do, football, basketball, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Track&Field, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, gymnastics, and others.

Because of this wide background I was able to learn and pick up on things or qualities from a variety of sports that could be used for enhancing others. For example, I recently discovered that tennis and racquetball are both good off-season sports for increasing lateral agility for football players! Few sports require the reaction time and lateral quickness and agility and provide conditioning without being detrimental to speed development. However, my specialty remains increasing raw explosiveness, acceleration and jumping ability and I do this through a variety of methods.

All these years I've also invested years in education, thousands of dollars on books, seminars, and thousands of hours spent reading through scientific journals to pick up any training edge I could find. I've been fortunate enough to be able to learn from the brightest scientific minds in the field of athletic enhancement and combine this with my own experiences and knowledge. I have relentlessly pursued the question "What is the most effective way to physically enhance and develop athletic ability?" Most importantly, I've spent thousands and thousands of hours training other athletes. Along the way I figured out what works and what doesn't and developed a system that gets quick results. Over a decade of involvement in a variety of sports and a variety of athletes a unique system of training athletes was developed.

My philosophy revolves around addressing each athlete totally individually and getting the most out of their training time, or training economy. Really the only way to do this is to assess everyone as an individual and train the weaknesses. Any activity or maneuver (running, jumping, throwing etc.) involves a variety of different components (movement skill,strength, body structure, flexibility etc.) that determine outcome.

My goal is to determine what aspect is holding a particular athlete back, and address the training program to correct that deficiency, which time and again leads to the quickest results and also ensures longevity. About a year ago it became apparent to me that even today there is a vast shortage of information for athletes who desire real results. Because of that I decided to launch