Joshua Hockett, MS, CSCS


Joshua is a UNBA and ANBF men's physique athlete. He also powerlifts within the USAPL in the 93-kg raw division. Josh has his BS in kinesiology from Wisconsin Milwaukee and his MS in exercise science from Wisconsin La Crosse. Joshua holds credentials from the NSCA as a CPT, CSCS, and TSAC-F. He holds an NASM corrective exercises specialist certification as well as a CISSN, USAW and TRX STC certification.

For the past five years, Joshua has worked as the civilian afloat fitness and nutrition director for both the USS Ronald Reagan and now the USS Essex located in San Diego, California. Joshua also is the co-host and creator of the just-launched website and podcast, "Train-Fight-Recover."

He can be reached at


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