Progressive Sporting Systems


Whether you are a youth, high school, or college athlete, Progressive Sporting Systems has a sport-conditioning program that will help you maximize your potential.

Progressive Sporting Systems offers you the unique opportunity to train under the guidance of experienced strength and speed coaches. Progressive Sporting System's specialized training programs ensure that you reach your peak physical condition in time for the playing season.

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  • Target Heart Rate Zone Training!

    Over time, your heart becomes more efficient at delivering the oxygen and fuel to the muscles. Learn about the VO2 and Heart Rate methods that are available for tracking your training progress. Read on...

  • Big Bad Bench Press III -The Push-Up!

    If you have ever wanted to learn about a push-up and the many variations revolving around it, then look no further. I have 13 variations here you may find very useful. Try them out!

  • The Big, Bad, Bench Press!

    Although the bench press has fallen out of favor with many of the 'newer' methods it is still a huge part of strength and conditioning.

  • Biomechanical Strength: Improve Your Ability To Exhibit External Force!

    Many factors contribute to an individual's ability to exhibit external force. Learn all about them!

  • Advanced Methods In Force Training - Part 1.

    A force curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between the external expression of instantaneous maximal force production and muscle length.

  • Developing The Multidimensional Athlete.

    Simple conditioning skills start to develop as an infant. You learn to do very basic skills, and as you mature, the programming becomes more complicated as do the movements.

  • Biomechanical Cutting: Improve Your Movement!

    To improve movement, each coach and/or athlete must have a firm understanding of the function of the kinetic chain and its relationship and interaction with ground reaction forces and momentum ...

  • A Prospectus On Periodization!

    Although there are many different types of periodization, I am going to outline the three most prevalent types, Western style, Conjugated, Undulating, and one that I have developed which I call the Hybrid method.