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For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be big, which sounds kind of funny considering that I only weighed 135 pounds soaking wet at 6'-1" tall before I ever picked up a weight. I remember growing up always admiring the way that Arnold looked and the way Lou looked in the "Incredible Hulk", muscles just amazed me, you know the feeling.

It was my senior year at the end of basketball season and I didn't know what to do, I needed something to focus my energy and time on. I joined a gym in hopes of getting a little bigger and stronger so I could play some college ball. Well after about 6-8 weeks of training I realized that I really liked this and focused my time and energy on bodybuilding and gave up on the basketball idea.

At first I had a lot of people tell me that bodybuilding was about genetics and that I didn't have them and if I intended on making any quality gains I would have to use drugs. Well, it was kind of hard to argue that point since my dad is 5'-10" and weighs about 160 pounds or so. But I would not let this deter my dream of becoming as big as a house.

I have long arms and long legs with small joints so I figured that I had a perfect build to look like Arnold it is just a matter of getting there....Keep Reading Article #1.


Height: 6'
Weight: 130lbs
Chest: 39"
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 19"


Height: 6'
Weight: 250lbs
Chest: 52"
Arms: 19"
Legs: 31"

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  • Progression - How I Did It!

    Hopefully this article will be a good source of inspiration for some of you that will read this. I went from 130 lbs to 250 muscular!

  • My Megabol-X/Anabol-X Experience.

    I recommend the Anabol-X/Megabol-X stack to anyone looking to add some size and strength. Todd Blue is living proof that megabol-x works.

  • You May Be Your Biggest Problem!

    When this new workout routine or these new supplements, that we thought was the next best thing doesn't work, we gripe and moan about how either the supplement doesn't work or the workout is useless!

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 53!

    It was hard to get warmed up this morning due to the fact I was at the gym within 15 minutes or so of me waking up but I did manage to get going.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 52!

    Well, like I said yesterday, I was hoping that getting up would be a little easier but it wasn't. It was much harder due to the fact I was up a little bit with my little girl who just didn't want to go to bed.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 50!

    Today was a hard day to drag myself out of bed. We had thunderstorms all night and a nice sound of rain as my alarm was going off. Nothing makes me sleep better than that combination.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 48!

    Today was an unusual day for me, training on Saturday. I never really have a chance to get away to the gym on Saturday because of all the things I have going on.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 47!

    For some reason the last few mornings for leg day have been almost impossible to get my butt up out of bed.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 46!

    This morning was shoulder day, and I was really stoked about blasting them really hard but the pain in my left shoulder is back, nothing to bad but it has affected the amount of weight I can use.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 38!

    Another one of those days where I just couldn't get myself up out of bed. I don't know what the deal is. I even went to bed at 9:30 pm last night.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 39!

    My intentions for this morning's leg workout were to train heavy, but that was nipped in the bud from the second I got up. My left knee was really tight.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 37!

    Today was one of those days where I just didn't want to get up out of bed at all. It rained and turned really cold in the middle of the night so getting up from a warm bed was the last thing I wanted to do.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 36!

    I decided to lay off on my arm and shoulder work this Saturday; I just felt worn down and needed a rest. I am back to my 5 on 2 off split. So today was calves, chest and triceps.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 33!

    I don't know what my problem has been lately but it has been harder and harder to get up in the morning. I have nearly overslept everyday this week, thank goodness for the weekend...

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 31!

    We had some really bad weather last night and due to a brief power outage that reset all the clocks I over slept this morning until 5:05 am. One clock reset itself and it read 6:50 am.

  • Bodybuilding On A Budget!

    Let's face it; bodybuilding is not a cheap life style. Not only does it require 24 hours a day attention, hard work, discipline and dedication, it also requires money.

  • Up Your Chest!

    See bodybuilding and strength training are two different things. They are two totally different styles of training. Now you do get strong when bodybuilding but it's more of an endurance type strength rather than a one reps max strength.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 29!

    After the last couple of weeks being out of my daily routine I am really looking forward to this week starting back on the normal road.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 27!

    Well I have decided to use Saturdays as an additional training day to focus on arms and shoulders to enhance the development of them.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 26!

    Today felt really good. I got to sleep in later, 5:10 am, and hit the gym around 5:30am this morning instead of the normal 4:45 am. This made it much easier for me to focus on legs than normal.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 24!

    Finally I had a normal morning. I got up today at 4:30 am after a good nights rest. I was psyched and ready to hit the gym and hit it hard today.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 22!

    Well after a week of being sick and trying to recoup all was going well. But then my pregnant wife started going into premature labor about 12 weeks too early so I have spent most of my weekend at the hospital...

  • Eight Week Mass Attack With A Minor Kink!

    Last week my little girl was sick and through all my attempts to not catch it, I got it anyway.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 19!

    All I can say today is 'Damn!' My little girl has been sick this week and wouldn't you know that right in the middle of some great gains I would get sick too.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 17!

    Well by having a day off in between training days I think I will see some better gains in size and strength. I felt really good today.

  • This Has To Be A Joke, Right?

    Now I have seen some shows were it looked like some guys maybe dieted a couple of weeks and just decided to do the show but this one takes the cake. This guy comes out all tanned, oiled up and ready to go. The crowd goes completely silent...

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 12!

    Today it was harder to get up than normal. Man, am I glad the weekend has finally arrived; it's time for me to catch up on some much needed rest as well as sleep.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 11!

    Last night my wife went to bed a little early so I decided to make up for missing my back workout around 9:00 pm last night. I tried something completely different...

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 10!

    Well sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to train but all was well today. Today was shoulder day...

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 8!

    Man, the two days off for the weekend really hit the spot. It was nice to be able to sleep in, which with a kid was 8:00 AM, but that is still four hours more sleep than during the week.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 5!

    Arm day. I had a trouble getting sleepy last night so I played a little XBOX until I was sleepy. I don't know what contributed to the restlessness, because I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 3!

    I felt much better today than I did yesterday. I woke up at 3:30 am and I could have easily trained that early, thank you ZMA for the great nights sleep.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 2!

    Well this morning I wasn't feeling real strong at all. I blasted my shoulders really hard yesterday so I think that could have been most of the problem. Today was chest and a light bicep and tricep day.

  • The Pipsqueak Posse!

    I am standing in the gym one day, just got finished with a grueling triceps and bicep workout. I look up in the mirror and see, what had to be 10 or so of the skinniest, ugliest looking dudes come in.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: Day 1.

    I woke up this morning with a real since of urgency. To make the gains and meet the goals I have set for myself I have no room for a wasted day. So at 4:35 this morning I was pumped.

  • Eight Week Mass Attack: The Schedule!

    Todd Blues all-out, 8-week mass attack. No holds barred.

  • Day Of Judgement!

    Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. Damn, 6:00 am comes way to early in this carb-depleted state. Oh well, today is my day of judgment. I have trained for years for this day, I have been dieting for the past 12 weeks, and there is no turning back now.

  • The Deadlift!

    Deadlift for great gains in the back!

  • What Supplements Work!

    It's hard to tell you exactly what works and what doesn't. The only thing that I can tell you is try all of them and try different brands.

  • Calves The Neglected Body Part!

    Before we begin we need to get down the proper form for training calves. Form means everything in training calves more than any other body part.

  • Why I Do What I Do!

    I don't know how many times I get asked these questions:

  • My Thoughts On Nutrition!

    It seems like everyday when I go in the message board area I always seem to see questions asked about proper diet and nutrition...

  • Bodybuilding - The Good, Bad And The Ugly!

    No amount of pain and suffering would ever make me give up my dream.

  • The Detail Work: Ab & Forearm Training!

    Crunches - This is the bread and butter movement. This is a simple movement and works really well. I like to perform these with added weight. I usually will do 2-3 sets of 30-50 reps.

  • Twelve-Week Mass Workout!

    I receive emails every day from people all over the world asking the same question. What are some good mass gain programs? Look no farther!

  • The Secret To Developing Big Guns!

    What seems the measuring stick for anyone who is a bodybuilder? The size of his arms. The general public really has no clue about bodybuilding and how it takes a total package not just a great set of arms to look good.

  • Some Calf Training Info.

    Most people, unless you are genetically gifted, complain about their lack of calf development. I personally have tried just about every type of calves training that exists, I think.

  • Year In Review!

    One of's biggest physical change. Needless to say I am both very excited and pleased with my gains and progress I made in the past twelve months.

  • The Way I Turned My Bird Legs Into Tree Trunks!

    When I first started training I really didn't think that I had any chance of developing big legs. My legs were only 19!

  • No Neck Syndrome!

    Deadlifts not only add a lot of thickness to the back, they can add mountains of muscle to the traps as well.

  • Plateau Busting!

    Plateau Busting: stop the dreaded workout plateau. Remember the key to keeping plateaus at there minimum is CHANGE.

  • Training At Home - The Workouts!

    In this article I will go over a few different training routines that can be done while training at home. I will touch on various ones from a complete home gym to having just the basic equipment. So let's jump into it.

  • Recovery Based Workout #1.

    Not the catchiest name that is floating around, but I really wasn't interested in developing a catchy name for my new workout philosophy like H.I.T., I.C.E. and S.H.I.T. to mention a few.

  • Adding Slabs Of Muscle To Your Chest!

    The chest is one of those body parts that draws a lot of attention, the other being arms, from everyone that looks at you. But from a bodybuilding perspective we know that bodybuilding is much, much more than a big set of arms and a big chest.

  • Recovery Based Workout #2.

    In this routine recovery time is greatly increased. However I don't recommend doing this for more than 4-5 weeks. The reasoning is this: due to training each body part once every twelve days your gains will start to slow after this time frame.

  • Gym Idiots!

    The Personal Trainer wanna be - nothing annoys me more than while I am in the middle of a set and this poor excuse for a physique comes over and offers his unwanted advice.

  • More Is Not Always Better!

    For those that have read my previous articles you already know my stance on nutrition and that you must eat big to get big. Well I am changing that philosophy just a little bit. Not only do you need to eat big you need to rest big to get big as well.

  • The Best Supplement Stack I Have Ever Used By Far!

    After a few weeks of going through long burnout period where my training, diet and supplements just plain sucked, I felt it was time for me to get back into it harder than ever. So I spent a few weeks reading other articles on supplements, the message

  • Extreme Eating For Mass!

    Here is a article that I came across today. It really lets people know exactly my feelings on nutrition. I didn't write it but it is a great article anyway. It's a great article especially for hard gainers.

  • Quadzilla!

    Like calves I feel that quads are a neglected body part. It's not because people don't know how to train them it's simply they don't like training them. Let's face it nothing exhausts the entire body like leg day, right?

  • You Want Forearm Growth?

    I have seen many times people whose forearms are lagging behind. I think the problem is people just don't know how to train them. I have found a few things that have really increased the size of my forearms dramatically.

  • Training At Home - The Right Equipment!

    By training at home there are no restrictions on what I can and can't do. To me the pros far out weigh the cons when training at home.

  • Questions From The Message Boards.

    Do squats and deadlifts really help strengthen your whole body? I read somewhere that even though these are for back and thighs; they strengthen your whole body too.

  • Q And A!

    Here is a Q & A segment that has been taken from some emails that I have been sent....

  • How Many Sets And Reps?

    Some people say one set is fine if you break down the muscle. Others believe in 10-12 sets and some do as many as 20 sets per body part. The bottom line to this is you have to be the one to determine which is best for you.

  • How To Grow: Nutrition Rest & Training!

    I have written on this topic before but I feel I need to clear some things up and add some things that may help you to achieve the maximum results. So, lets talk about what it takes to gain size.

  • Why Calves Lag Behind!

    See why your calves aren't growing and learn what you need to do to change that!

  • Online Training Journal Entry: Jan. 28th - Feb. 02, 2001!

    Today is the 1st day in a month long Journal that I will be keeping. I hope you guys like it. I am going to try and keep it as basic and simple as I can.

  • You Want To Gain Some Size?

    I have just finished my 8-week mass building cycle and I must say that I am satisfied with my gains. I met all the goals that I set in the beginning and then some. So get a pen and paper ready because I am going to tell you what those are!

  • My Mass Gain Update #3!

    Today I started my 7th week of an 8-week mass program. My target goal was to reach 220 lbs and I hit that mark late last week. The gains I have been making have been really, really good muscle.

  • My Mass Gain Update #2!

    I started out with a bodyweight of 206 lbs and I am now 217! I am getting stronger and bigger by the week. My clothes fit very tightly and I can't wear any more shirts with ties.

  • My First Journal Update!

    You know I started a new mass building program on Monday as well a new supplement schedule. I am taking BCAA's, Creatine, Whey Protein, Maxabol, Methoxy-Pro and Pregnenalone.

  • More Background Information!

    I joined a gym in hopes of getting a little bigger and stronger so I could play some college ball.

  • Setbacks!

    Ah, the most hated thing in bodybuilding, having a setback right in the middle of great progress.