Todd Blue


For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be big, which sounds kind of funny considering that I only weighed 135 pounds soaking wet at 6'-1" tall before I ever picked up a weight. I remember growing up always admiring the way that Arnold looked and the way Lou looked in the "Incredible Hulk", muscles just amazed me, you know the feeling.

It was my senior year at the end of basketball season and I didn't know what to do, I needed something to focus my energy and time on. I joined a gym in hopes of getting a little bigger and stronger so I could play some college ball. Well after about 6-8 weeks of training I realized that I really liked this and focused my time and energy on bodybuilding and gave up on the basketball idea.

At first I had a lot of people tell me that bodybuilding was about genetics and that I didn't have them and if I intended on making any quality gains I would have to use drugs. Well, it was kind of hard to argue that point since my dad is 5'-10" and weighs about 160 pounds or so. But I would not let this deter my dream of becoming as big as a house.

I have long arms and long legs with small joints so I figured that I had a perfect build to look like Arnold it is just a matter of getting there....Keep Reading Article #1.


Height: 6'
Weight: 130lbs
Chest: 39"
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 19"


Height: 6'
Weight: 250lbs
Chest: 52"
Arms: 19"
Legs: 31"

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