Kevin Manz


Hi, my name is Kevin Manz, and I am currently 17 years old. Throughout the vast majority of those years, I have taken on countless hobbies that fall under the flourishing theme of "self-improvement". At age 12, after approximately six years of rigorous training, I attained my black-belt in Tae Kwon Do. I was put under circumstances where the only option was to follow disciplinary suit and abide by rules that I, at the time, knew nothing about. Eventually, my interest in being a martial arts enthusiast faded and I aspired to take on other activities.

At the same age, I found myself interested in soccer. I played select-soccer which comprised of a "select" group of kids from north Jersey who travel from town to town. Not only did this experience open an entirely new breadth of opportunities, but I finally found myself devoted to a sport that was spontaneous and exciting.

I played for numerous years, and still play today for my high school's varsity team. However, all exorbitant interests for me tend to come to an abrupt halt, where I take on something extraneous and "different". I wanted to improve my persona from a different angle. That's when bodybuilding emerged. I was always a small kid that felt my overall brawn was severely insufficient. I felt the typical jock in school had the true, ideal body image a teenager should have: keen but large, nimble but forceful, and tall but wide. As a result, I ended up flourishing into a fervid bodybuilding enthusiast of the sport and decided to take on my first competition as a 15 year-old sophomore!

The bodybuilding competition I participated in was really the zenith of my overall bodybuilding career. I had undergone months of excruciating and stringent training protocols that, by the time the show approached, I was simply chary of all mental energy. I had used every ounce of motivation within me to push through and complete the preparation process. I ended up succeeding, mercifully. But from that stage on, I was irreversibly hooked on the authenticity of the sport. I became ambitioned to acquire as much knowledge about dieting and training as humanly possible.

As I became more and more fond of science and the physiological constituents of the sport, I realized that becoming a doctor was my ultimate goal in life. I now consider myself impassioned with the intricacy of science as well as an aspiring scholar looking to become a successful doctor!