Joe Franco


As a young teenager, my older brother was a competitive bodybuilder. Besides working out with him, I use to help him prepare backstage during his competitions. I guess that is how I got started. In addition, I used weight training to get ahead in sports and I loved the results. Therefore, I continue to workout and started to compete at the age of 19. Most recently, I received my IFPA Pro Card and competing in my first pro show. I will continue to compete and strive to improve my physique.

In addition to competing, I promote through the OCB and have an annual show called the OCB Mid Atlantic Natural Classic. It will be a Pro Qualifier from now on in!

For the past 7 years, I have been training men and women who would like to compete. It's a great feeling watching your clients on stage after they have followed your plan and knowing all the hard work they have been through. For more information on my competition training, please check out

My background in the fitness field includes a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology, a personal training certification through ACE, and working in different fitness fields such as cooperate, commercial and wellness.

Favorite Body Parts: Legs and Back
Favorite Exercise: Front Squats, Deadlifts and T-Bar rows
Favorite Supplements: ON Pro Complex Protein, Super Cissus and Anabolic Pump, and any product by Scivation/XTEND
Hobbies: Cooking, working in the garden, and playing with my children.
Years Bodybuilding: 16



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