Myron Mielke


I live in Lancaster, CA with my wife of 20 years and our two children. I'm 41 and I've been training for more than 25 years.

At age 15, I won the Mr.Teen Muscle Up.
At age 18, I won my class in the Teenage Mr. Continental USA in Chicago.
At 19, I won the overall Teenage Region 3 in Dodge City, KS.

During my competitive years I was a personal trainer and co-owner of a gym. I've coached many athletes over the years for contest preparation. I've judged and emceed many amateur bodybuilding competitions. Although I do not compete anymore, I still train five to six days a week and follow a strict diet plan.

I'm currently employed as a Graphic Designer at Central Christian Church in Lancaster, CA where I work in design communications in various media including, print, video, and large-screen presentations. I also periodically do live worship-art performances where I paint images or create sculptures to live music in front of an audience.

I also operate my own internet muscle magazine. It's called I'm A Bodybuilder. It's a free quarterly publication and is downloadable as a PDF. I'm currently in the process of giving the entire site a fresh look with more content, which will be updated frequently. Stop by and visit the site. There will be opportunities to win some prizes in a variety of contests. The address is My e-mail address is

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