Iron Man Magazine's Lonnie Teper


Lonnie Teper, an award-winning journalist and emcee, has been covering the bodybuilding, fitness and figure scene for more than 20 years. Teper, a former Sports Editor of The Alhambra Post-Advocate, a daily newspaper in Southern California and ex-Sports Information Director at California State University, Los Angeles, started writing for the Weider owned publications Muscle & Fitness, Flex and Men's Fitness in 1983.

In 1986 he started his career with Ironman Magazine, which had just been purchased by John Balik and Michael Neveux. Since that time, Teper has written on all aspects of the industry; his popular 'News and Views' column has appeared in every issue of Ironman since it began circulation with the January, 1987 issue. He has gone on to become, by far, the most prolific emcee in the history of the industry; Teper has hosted over 50 professional contests and 200 NPC events.

He's been at the podium multiple times for the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, the Night of Champions, the Ironman Pro (Teper has emceed all 15 Ironman Pro shows to date) and the San Francisco Grand Prix, as well as hosting several of the top female competitions during both the Olympia and Arnold Classic weekends. He also was part of the three-man broadcast team for the first ever pay-per-view telecast shown on InDemand at the 2004 Arnold Classic.

Teper has emceed the Nationals every year since 1993 and recently hosted the USA Championships for the 11th time in the past 12 years. He also is an NPC Promoter, founding the Cal Collegiates in 1999, and currently promotes the Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, which includes a collegiate division.

Teper, who graduated cum laude from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Journalism/Radio/TV, also has a Masters Degree in Physical Education, where he was honored as the 'Outstanding Graduate Student' with a 3.94 grade point average.

He taught 20 years in Physical Education and Journalism at Cal State L.A; currently Teper is a member of the Physical Education and Health faculty at Pasadena City College and East Los Angeles Community College. His track and field media guide, produced for PCC, was voted the 'Best in the Nation' in 1983.


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