Irvin Gelb


Irvin Gelb has been one of the most acclaimed and published fitness and physique photographers in the world for the last 15 years. Having had an extensive background in the arts working as a film and television producer Irvin brought a unique visual perspective to the fitness industry.

He has photographed some of the world's best amateur, professional and celebrity fitness personalities such as The Rock, Triple H, Goldberg and Torrie Wilson. He has collaborated as the photographer for many books including Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and Gold's Gym's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding series.

Besides being a contributor to American magazines such as Musclemag International, Muscle & Fitness, Planet Fitness amongst others he also licenses his work to magazines in over 20 countries. Irvin has also created many memorable images for some of the top supplement companies in the world including Met-RX, Universal Nutrition, MHP, Cytosport and EAS.

Irvin's mentor and closest friend was Art Zeller, the infamous photographer of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his Weider and competition years. Zeller's verite style of photography was a significant influence on Irvin's own style.

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