Dexter McCloud


My name is Dexter McCloud. I'm the 2004 USA Indoor National Champion and 2004 World Champion in 60 Meter High Hurdles. Obviously, I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish. Yet, when I think about it, winning championships is not the only reason I run Masters Track. I simply love walking into a stadium and feeling the track under my feet... hanging out with everyone the night before a meet. I even love the jitters I get before a big race.

One of the interesting by-products of Masters Track is that every meet is like a family reunion. I have friends all across the world it seems. Don, Kerry and Robert in Texas, Sid in New York, Joy in California, Ivan in Poland, and Hubert in London. We call and email each other every day and talk about workouts. We follow each other across the country via meet results. It's like I have a cousins all around the globe!

It's nice to know that every weekend, I'll run into an old friend and we'll talk for a few minutes about how we're doing and how our training is going. And, of course, the nagging injuries that seem to get more frequent with age!

Now, that warm feeling is nice... but nothing beats that feel of the adrenaline when you hear the starter say, "Runners, take your marks!"

2004 USA Indoor National Champion - 60 Meter High Hurdles
2004 World Champion - 60 Meter High Hurdles.


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