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From its inception in 1998, World Natural Sports Organization has garnered loyalty and respect from the health and fitness community the old fashioned way, by earning it! Because of the rise of drugs in the fitness community, WNSO was created as an outlet for those looking to compete on an even playing field…naturally.

WNSO organizes natural bodybuilding and fitness competitions, TV shows and Expos across North America. Leveraging Partnerships with the biggest names in the industry- TSN, GNC, Musclemag, Fitness Business Canada, Tourism Toronto - WNSO has been able to create a quality brand faster than any other in the industry.

Through grassroots advertising and strong marketing fundamentals, WNSO has become one of North America’s leading health and fitness organizations. This has been achieved by consistently providing and producing a quality product, reaching new markets and continual innovation.

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FAME World Events, hosted by World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) has fast become one of North America’s highest ranking fitness events. This highly acclaimed annual International event is the only one of its kind in the country and serves as the nation’s leading platform for insightful information, innovative products and rising talent.

FAME World Events fuses together the most popular elements in today’s fitness industry, creating one dynamic show which offers an abundance of inspiration, entertainment and opportunity for all participants.

Bringing together; hundreds of industry exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest products/services, seminars led by renowned industry experts, interactive workshops/demonstrations with leading industry professionals, elite national/international stage competitions, talent spotlights/auditions, unique networking opportunities, mini challenges and prizes/giveaways, FAME World Events has become the converging ground for fitness athletes, models, professionals and enthusiasts who all believe in attaining and maintaining a fit, toned body.

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