John Kioskerides


As a young kid I was always involved in sports and played competitive basketball for many years. I became very interested in my body and my health as well. I was never really popular in high school and at the time I had been hanging around people who had bad drug habits (both anabolic and recreational). Since I had never used any drugs before I took it upon myself to disband from that scene. I found it hard to find friends who were more into a positive healthy lifestyle while having a driven goal at the same time. I was not secluded but no one ever understood why I loved bodybuilding so much. So being a loner, in that aspect, I joined a gym and never looked back.

I always took academics for granted at a young age and now I feel very good about what I have accomplished. I bounced around majors from a year of business to a year of nutrition. Finally I found my mark in biology and sports medicine. I was always interested in the science aspect of bodybuilding as well and next year I will be completing my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Long Island University, ultimately finishing off as a Sports Medicine M.D. Side by side with school I also love competing. I finished first in the 2009 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championships Open Bantamweight division. I am aiming to become an IFBB Pro as a lifetime natural; a feat not easily accomplished.