Alex Silver-Fagan


An NYU graduate with a degree in marketing and business, Alex Silver-Fagan spent her college years working in a variety of different industries, but ultimately found her true passion within fitness.

At the beginning of 2014, Silver-Fagan began to train as a bodybuilder, and competed in two NPC bikini shows that summer, ultimately taking home a second-place title and a national-level qualification. She then went on to compete at the LA Fit Expo in the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search. Silver-Fagan now trains not for aesthetics, but to be a well-rounded athlete, mixing powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running, rowing, spinning, and yoga. She feels the body should have no limits.

Silver-Fagan holds an ACE personal training certification, Kettlbell Athletics 1 certification, and the Functional Movement Screen certification. She is also a Wilhelmina fitness model and works regularly with publications like Shape, Self, Women's Health, and Women's Running Magazine.

In New York, Alex teaches at CITYROW and is a Nike NTC trainer, teaching group HIT classes to the public as well as personal one-on-one sessions with VIP/celebrity clientele. In addition to being a Team athlete, she is also a Cellucor sponsored athlete.

Alex brings her relatable approach to fitness to both her clients and followers. Her goal is to change the way the world views fitness and movement. Rather than being thought of as a punishment or something you "have" to do, exercise should instead be fun. She works hard each day to ultimately inspire others that with passion and dedication.


ACE-certified personal trainer
Kettlebell Athletics 1 certified
Functional Movement Screen certified
CITYROW instructor
Solace New York coach
NIKE trainer
Wilhelmina fitness model
Cellucor sponsored athlete




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