Kevin Seaman


Kevin Seaman grew up in Southern California. Ambitious and independent as a youth, Seaman always sought to improve himself whenever possible, starting his first business at 23 years old in Santa Barbara, California.

Seaman began his formal martial arts training in 1970, using it as a method of self-development and personal discipline. To date he has achieved advanced instructor levels in seven different martial arts systems, totaling eight Blackbelts, and is a certified boxing coach, certified police defensive tactics instructor, published author and certified trainer. He also has an extensive background in exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.

He was personally trained by Bruce Lee's Top Student and Protege Mr. Daniel Inosanto for over 20 years, having achieved one of the highest ranks awarded by Mr. Inosanto. In addition to this, his study and application of the art and science of personal achievement and performance coaching has spanned over two decades, and he has read over 200 books on the subject, studying with some of the greatest minds in the field.

In 2000, Kevin developed the Winning Mind SetTM System for optimal success, with his student and friend Jim Brault of Rochester, NY. The Winning Mind Set System has since grown to encompass, a College course (est. 2003), a consulting service, various workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, The Winning Mind Set Web Site (, the Weekly E-Letter/The Winning Mind Set Tip of the Week , The Winner's Circle Monthly E-Magazine and the soon to be released book: The Winning Mind Set-Unleashing The Power Of Your Mind!

Mr. Seaman has an extensive background in the education and coaching of dozens of competitors in Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing, shootwrestling and full contact stickfighting. For nearly 20 years he owned and operated his own gym (, one of the largest of its kind in New York State.

He has had a positive influence on the athletic careers of high school and collegiate athletes, Golden Gloves State Champions, Empire Games medalists, national champions, All Americans, and international champions. To date, he has trained, coached and educated thousands of athletes, coaches, trainer's police personnel, and business people.

Kevin Seaman has also taught in the Athletic Department at in the Cornell University since 1993. Mr. Seaman teaches more classes in the Athletic Dept. than any one instructor, and teaches his system of peak performance technology, "The Winning Mind Set" as a credit course at the Ivy League University.

Mr. Seaman is a three-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, being inducted into the ZDK, AMA and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame's. In 2001, he was honored for a Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award in Atlantic City, at the largest Black Tie event of its kind ever, in the history of the martial arts.

Kevin has also personally competed in the martial arts on a regional, national, and international level as "Eastern National Champion" in both floor forms and full contact sparring. At the age of nearly 40, competing as one of the oldest members of the United States Team, Mr. Seaman was a World Champion Silver Medalist in full contact stickfighting, competing in south East Asia at the 1992 World, Kali, Arnis Championships at the Aquino Memorial Stadium in Manila, Philippines. He has been a professional educator for nearly 30 years, having influenced literally thousands of individuals.

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    Kevin Seaman is available for private training, consultation, coaching and speaking engagements. To inquire or if you would like to book Kevin for an event, team training or individual training contact us at the e-mail address listed below. He guarantees his services 100%.

    Owner/Chief Administrator - 1985-Present
    Established East West Seminars and Sales, a seminar company to promote and teach the martial arts to, now well over 20,000 students through private instructional training, group seminars, self defense programs and summer camps.

    Owner/Chief Administrator 1986 - 2003
    Established the ( East West Martial Arts Academy , a privately owned Accredited School and Fitness Facility, dba / EWMA LLC.

    New York State Representative Thai Boxing Association, USA - 1989-2004 Staff Instructor, Physical Education Department Cornell University, Ithaca, New York - 1993-Present ( "The Winning Mindset."


    Three time Hall of Fame inductee, being inducted into the ZDK, AMA and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame's. Honored for a Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award in Atlantic City in 2001, at the largest Black Tie event of its kind ever, in the history of the martial arts.

    A published author, Kevin has written and had numerous articles published in some of the leading trade magazines. First book published in 1999 was well received, distributed worldwide with second printing. Second book nearly complete.

    At the age of 37 was a World Champion Silver Medalist in full contact stickfighting, competing in south east Asia at the 1992 World, Kali, Arnis Championships at the Aquino Memorial Stadium in Manila, Philippines. Three time Eastern National Champion in full contact fighting.


    From the period of 1987 to present - Trained, coached and helped prepare:
    2 International World Champions in Full Contact Martial Arts, 1 Canadian National Champion in Muay Thai, 5 Eastern National Regional Champions in Full Contact Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Stickfighting, 11 Golden Gloves State Boxing Champions and 5 Empire State Games Medalists.

    Well over a hundred competitors in various events in the martial arts and boxing. Worked with thousands of other athletes with the goal of enhancing their personal performance in soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, rugby, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, fencing and various martial athletics.


    Certified Trainer- AFPA/USA July18, 2004

    Certified Instructor - Submission Wrestling Certified: January 24, 1999 by ( Erik Paulson, Undefeated World Shoot Wrestling Champion and founder of CSW International of Los Angeles, California.

    Certified Coach - USA / ABF Boxing Certified: 1997 became the Cortland County representative for the finger lakes region of the state of New York.

    Certified Associate Instructor - Wing Chun Gung Fu Certified: November 21,1992 by "" Sifu Francis Fong , Atlanta, Georgia.

    Certified Full Instructor- Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Certified: November 20,1991 by Sifu Tim Tackett, Redlands, California.

    Certified Full Instructor - Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu /Art and Philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, Certified: March 10, 1988 "" by Sifu Dan Inosanto , Los Angeles, California.

    Certified Associate Instructor - Thai Boxing / Muay Thai Certified :July 9, 1988 by "" Master Surachai Sirisute , President and Founder of The Thai Boxing Association of the USA established in 1970 in Carson, California.

    Certified Full Instructor - Filipino Martial Arts Certified: September 3, 1987 by "" Guro Dan Inosanto , Los Angeles, California

    Certified Full Instructor - Police Defensive Tactics and Level 2 certification instructor in the Asp (collapsible police baton). Certified: 1987 Joel Kirch, Defense Systems International. Worked with over a hundred officers from various police forces from federal, state and local, as well as, personal and public security personnel over the past 19 years.

    Certified Instructor- Pikiti Tirsia Arnis Certified August 1985, by Tuhon Leo Gaje in Murphy, Pa Instructor - Choy Li Fut Gung Fu Tested: August 1,1975 by Sifu Ken Yue, Santa Barbara, California.


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