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Reform magazine is owned and operated by Scitec Nutrition. Reform is a magazine devoted to preventative health care, and improving the quality of your life. The theme behind this magazine is to Reform your shape, style, and spirit. It is a well-documented fact that many diseases can be prevented by living a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle, which includes eating right, and supplementing your diet with important vitamins and nutrients. Don?t let a lack of information prevent you from living the quality of life you deserve.

The articles in Reform are designed to assist the reader in making better choices, which will inevitably alter your shape and style. Regardless of your goals, Reform will give you positive insight to trim down, muscle up, or slow down your natural aging process. I believe in the power of bodybuilding and fitness with all my heart. I have seen firsthand, how living a healthy lifestyle creates a feeling of well being and confidence in a person with a low self-esteem. Taking charge of your existence is empowering, and it translates to every aspect of your life.

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  • Sure-Fire Glute Toning!

    Let's discuss exactly how to go about achieving a derriere that you could bounce a quarter off of.

  • How CLA Works To Support Weight Loss And Muscle Building

    CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid that primarily benefits skin and weight-loss systems in the body, yet most people don't get enough of it from their diet.

  • CLA: Fat Loss And Muscle Gain

    A number of studies have demonstrated that CLA reduces fat mass,while increasing lean body mass. Learn why research has proven this and which ones you should use.

  • The Low Carb Diet Blues!

    You're dropping pounds of fat, holding on to muscle and pigging out on steaks, bacon, pork chops, eggs and all sorts of low carb indulgences. But something is missing, isn't it...

  • DHT: Separating Fact From Fiction

    Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is more than just some evil androgen that make men’s prostates blow up and hair fall out. The real situation is far more complex.

  • The Power Of Vitamin C!

    Your body uses large amounts of vitamin C to combat infections, colds, and disease. Vitamin C is also used by your body in all kinds of healing situations such as preventing cancer, healing wounds and more...

  • Eddie Moyzan's Bicep Training!

    Eddie Moyzan is one of the rare few bodybuilders who really defines what hardcore bodybuilding is all about. Find out how he trained his arms into his now 23' inch arms. Learn the secrets on how to get huge biceps! Written by Jim Koontz.