Ross Edgley


Ross is a decorated expert in the fitness industry. For over 10 years he's been involved in every area of sport, fitness, and nutrition imaginable. He started as an international athlete—swimming and playing water polo for Great Britain—but later moved into the academics of sport and graduated from the world-renowned Loughborough University School of Sport and Exercise Science. After receiving 1st class honors for his dissertation on the different strength and power adaptations to various training protocols, he decided to apply his practical and academic experience to become a strength and conditioning coach at the English Institute of Sport. While there, he worked with many of Britain's Olympians during the 2008 and 2012 games. He managed to produce a world champion, a world record holder, and even an Olympic gold medalist.

Ross is now co-founder at what is considered the UK's most innovative sports nutrition company The Protein Works, writes for range of publications, and has amassed a social media following of well over a quarter of a million people.

Experimenting in what he calls "optimal lifestyle design," Ross is a scientist, sociologist, and philosopher of training and nutrition. In one of his most well-publicized experiments, he lost over 24 pounds in 24 hours to prove that "weight loss" is very different from "fat loss" and that scales shouldn't govern people's nutrition or self-esteem. The stunt trended on Twitter throughout the UK and was translated into Mandarin. Ross even appeared on Australian, Austrian, and American TV to talk about his experiment.

Ross continually looks to challenge the current doctrine of the industry in an effort to make things better. You can find Ross—and follow his philosophies, training, and recipes—online at: