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About M.D. Labs

M.D. Labs may be best known as a company providing unique, quality herbal sports nutritional supplements to the natural products industry. Basing our business on quality products, environmental responsibility and social consciousness, we have established ourselves as one of the most dynamic companies in our industry.

We are proud to bring our vision of a natural life through supplementation. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products at competitive prices, along with answering any and all of your questions regarding our products and the future of sports supplementation.

About Chad Coy

Chad Coy is the Research and Development Director for MD Labs/HDT. He is a successful strongman competitor from Kokomo, Indiana. Why does he compete in strongman competitions?

"It is FUN! I got bored in powerlifting (I still train like a powerlifter, but the meets just got too repetitive) and thought I could do well at strongman. I really enjoy the friendships I have made in the sport and that keeps me coming back! I have to sacrifice time away from my family, but since I have always trained and always will I guess they are used to it!"

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About Bryan Neese

Bryan Neese is a 36-year old junior high Science teacher who doubles as one of America?s premier strength athletes. Growing up he competed in football and wrestling. He got his start in strength athletics through bodybuilding, and he placed 4th in the teenage USA contest. Bryan?s first strongman contest was the Survival of the Strongest in 1998 where he took second to Phil Pfister and placed one ahead of Whit Baskin. He won the IFSA US Championship in 1999, giving him claim to the title of "America?s Strongest Man". In 10 years, Bryan sees himself still competing and promoting shows with Chad Coy and Karl Gillingham.

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