Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie founded SunnRooibos in 2002 by opening distribution channels, landing national press coverage, to recruiting talented industry individuals and developing significant product identification. Her entrepreneurial tenacity got SunnRooibos up and running, surmounting the challenges involved with an agricultural import, an organic rating and a natural foods product.

Previously Lisa excelled as a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams Realty of Boise. As a successful Boise retailer she owned/operated Elite Bridal Fashion for 6 years.

Lisa contributes to her community by establishing non-profits such as Etech, a printer cartridge recycling company, and DSSH (Dietary Supplements for Senior Health).

What is SunnRooibos?
SunnRooibos specializes in bringing new herbal and nutritional support products to market by surveying, researching, evaluating and developing dietary supplement ingredients, combinations and formulations for specific product applications. Sunn also engages in a process of prospecting for herbal ingredients from newly available sources such as South Africa and other favored African nations under the African Economic Development Act. Sunn, through its medical and scientific advisory board, chaired by Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, evaluates all ingredients, products and manufacturing processes for product applications.

Healthy Fluid and Electrolyte Replacement for Athletes
Rooibos (or red tea from South Africa), a signature Sunn product, is a healthy fluid and electrolyte replacement for performance enhancement in application to the professional sports arena.

It is naturally free of caffeine and oxalic acid and low in tannins, while having the same favorable profile of antioxidants as green tea. Furthermore, it contains commonly required electrolytes to accompany healthy fluid replacement.

Dietary Supplementation for Professional Sports
Sunn routinely evaluates products, suppliers and manufacturing processes to insure the availability of quality nutritional products. Sunn's medical and scientific advisory board evaluates needs for dietary supplementation for special applications in children, older adults, women, active Americans and athletes.

Sunn works with professional trainers and health and fitness professionals to design specific safe and effective dietary supplement products and programs for performance enhancement.

Sunn Partnerships for Scientific Research and Public Policy
Sunn, in partnership with government and research collaborators, is developing a program for evaluation of dietary supplements for performance enhancement in operational support of the US Department of Defense.

Through its work as industry liaison for the Policy Institute for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Sunn is working with the Congressional Caucus on Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Dietary Supplements, Sen. Craig (R-Idaho), Sen. Hatch (R-Utah), Sen. Harkin (D-Iowa), Sen. Specter (R-PA), and other legislators. They are working to increase federal support for research on applications of dietary supplements to medical practice, consumer health and fitness, and dietary supplementation in seniors and other populations.




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