Jaime Girard, aka BiologyBabe, is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2004, the YMCA of the USA, BCOR (Boot Camp of the Rockies) and Les Mills; teaching classes such as BodyPump, Women on Weights, Advanced ABS, and BCOR, an outdoor extreme-fitness boot camp!

After having herself lost over 40+ lbs of lifetime 'extra' weight, and gaining substantial muscle and endless knowledge of her body and how it performs; Jaime helps clients focus on perfecting their form and keeping routines fresh and constantly changing and challenging to make the body never stop progressing.

Jaime has competed several times in Colorado in NPC Figure; and qualified in 2007, 2008 at the Colorado State Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure Championships, for and will be competing in the Team Universe Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness/Bikini Nationals in New York City! "I really feel like I have grown tremendously as a 'real' competitor in the last four years, going from a total novice, and I looked it; to a real contender! I love the challenge to myself and I love what it does to my body!" says Jaime.

In addition to the gym, and competition, Jaime is also a wife and mother of two children (including a teenage son!), a part-time Biology student (14 months left to the big degree) who in the past wanted to pursue a career in Neuro-Physical Therapy, but now isn't sure; and in the off season Jaime is a rock-star-wanna-be with her husband Damon (drummer), Classic/Neo burlesque and stage performer/costumer, and has done several pin-up style modeling gigs/shoots, and is also a working freelance writer!

Jaime plans to obtain her IFBB PRO Card in Figure or Fitness (switching in the next year!) "I didn't discover I was an athlete until I was over 25!" Jaime says; "You're never too old or too out of shape to become a serious trainer, athlete or competitor, even if only competing against yourself!"

Vital Stats

D.O. B. - June 30th
Height: 5' 5 3/4"
Competition Weight: 130 (10% Body Fat)
Off Season Weight: 145 (17%-20% Body Fat)
Favorite Body Part: Shoulders/Legs
Favorite Exercise: Squats/Ab Work
Supplements Used: Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, Lysine, Animal Pak, and ALA


Occupation: Personal Trainer/Group Ex Instructor, Writer, Biology student

Hobbies: MUSIC (metal), hard rock, industrial, and industrial/metal; anything is ok so long as it isn't country music! Reading (I read constantly), learning guitar licks/singing, Strength Training, college in the Fall/studying, writing, performing/stage, costuming, web surfing, photography/videography, Ultimate Fighting - Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing fanatic! However, just hanging out with my husband, my 2 kids and 2 German Shepherds is such a relaxation for me, they are my support team and I couldn't do any of this without them!

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