Bill Dobbins


Bill Dobbins is not only well known for his advertising photography, but for helping his clients create ad ideas and often delivering the finished project - up to and including final layout and design - as a computer file.

Bill has photographed such stars as: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Jay Leno, Brenda Kelly, Valentina Chepiga to name a few. For a full list of who I have photographed and worked with, click here!

Bill's clients have included such high profile companies as Weider, Otomix, Sport Pharma, California Crazy Wear, Sports One, Champion, Met-rx, Andreas Cahling, Universal Gyms and Valeo belts and gloves. Below Is A Few Pictures From Over The Years:

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About Me - Bill Dobbins is a photographer, video director and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Bill is best known for his photographs of female bodybuilders, but he has had a varied career outside of and in addition to this unusual speciality.


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