Terry Stokes



My name is Terrence Stokes; I am a figure competition coach in Buffalo New York. I would love to publish articles in bb.com, and maybe even have my own section.

About 7 years ago I realized that I had the ability to motivate women and change their bodies. I trained a girl for a figure competition and was amazed to see the transformation in her. I have been hooked on training figure competitors ever since. I train not only the genetically gifted athletes for competition but also the average woman... my goal is to change lives not necessarily train the next Miss Olympia (although that would be nice).

I use a variety of unique training techniques that decrease the need for cardio during the precontest phase. The biggest problem I saw with women was the incredible amount of cardio many had to do to get in shape for a show. This is why I developed this training style.

Since putting up my website 30 days ago, I've gotten feedback from many women on bb.com, and all over the world. Many asked if I wrote articles for your site. I posted my first blogs ever (TerryStokes BodySpace Blog) and I got a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to submit articles to BB.com.

I included a bunch of pictures, mainly of my clients training. It's all about them... not me. They would be thrilled to see themselves in an article.

One of my clients was transformation of the week (www.bodybuilding.com/fun/transf86.htm) and I have another competitor (Jessica Ziegler) who was featured on BB.com.

One of the first articles I sent to BB.com is on high-intensity precontest training for figure competitors.


Terry Stokes

  • Name: Terrence Stokes
  • BodySpace: TerryStokes
  • Website: Hardbodyfigure.com
  • Company/Owner: Fusion Fitness
  • Figure Competition Coach
  • Writer for: The Journal for the National Medical Association
  • Writer for: National Gym Association (NGA)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • 20 years experience: Bodybuilding& Personal training