Simone Sziksai


I guess I started my journey along the fitness path when I was six years old. I entered a gymnastics class and soon became a gymnastics competitor. In 1987 I competed in my first and last State gymnastics competition. I began playing other sports such as tennis, basketball, softball and running track. In 1988 I was the Regional Junior Olympic 80 meter Hurdle Champion. In 1993 my High School Tennis team became the Southern Six Conference Champions and in 1997 my College Tennis team won the WVIAC Division II Championship. I am also proud to say that I hold the record for the most Varsity Letters earned at Greater Johnstown High School with a total of 14.

I was introduced to the fitness world in the summer of 1998 when I entered a Modeling and Talent competition. I placed third for my dance / gymnastics talent, and was recruited to do fitness competitions. I entered my first fitness competition in October of 2001 and qualified for the Fitness America Finals in Las Vegas, NV. I ended up placing 44th out of 96 ladies, and I was very excited to do so well for only my second competition! I feel like my recruitment was a blessing, and I plan on continuing to better myself in the fitness industry.Name: Sim򮥠Sziksai
Years in Fitness: 1 year
Favorite Body Parts: Triceps
Favorite Exercise: Versa Climber and Plyometrics
Favorite Supplements: CytoPro Whey Protein and Taraxatone
Hobbies: Acting, Fitness, Sports (tennis, basketball, softball) and listening to music
Favorite Fitness Competitors: Monica Brant, Susie Curry, Mia Finnegan and Tanya Merryman

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