Mark Tilden


I am thirty-three years "young" now and have recently started a profession as a personal trainer. On September 16, 2000, I will have competed in my twelfth bodybuilding show. Obviously, weighing just 180 pounds, I am proud to say I am a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder. I have competed in both NGA and NPC shows, and have managed to consistently maintain one of the top spots in my weight classes. And even though my dreams of being a huge weight gainer may never come true, I know the world of bodybuilding still holds many more opportunities for me to grow in every aspect of my life.

Mark's Video Intro! Check out this short video of me. 15 seconds, mpeg, 1.53MB. CLICK HERE!
Years Bodybuilding: 8 years
Favorite Bodypart: Quads
Favorite Exercise: Lunges
Favorite Supplements: HMB, Myoplex
Bodybuilders: Arnold
Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs. 2002 NGA Pro Atlas
  1. Mark Tilden
  2. Lance Sganzini
  3. Terry Baldwin
  4. Todd Opheim
  5. Pete Pitrone
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2002 NGA Pro Atlas Video
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