Craig Ballantyne


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc., is a Strength & Conditioning coach in Toronto and is a member of the Training Advisory Board for Men's Fitness magazine. Craig's fat loss expertise and workout tips are featured every month in Men's Fitness.

Craig also works extensively with athletes and is currently a consultant to Rugby Canada helping the National Team prepare for the 2007 World Cup. Craig has written a chapter on coaching for the new International Youth Coaching Association certification textbook.

Craig also has an advanced research background and keeps up to date on the latest training and nutrition research that will help improve your health and wellness and your physical and mental performance.

Here are Craig's websites that provide free e-mail newsletters:

  • - A training newsletter featuring professional development articles and expert interviews for trainers, coaches, and health professionals.
  • - Advanced training tips and workout programs to help men and women gain muscle and lose fat fast.
  • - Real training and nutrition information for real women lifters and female athletes. Craig is the training director for, the world's first female-only sport-specific training site.

Craig Ballantyne


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