Jamin Thompson


Jamin Thompson is a pro fitness model and sports performance expert in Los Angeles.

As a fitness expert and author, Jamin has become an inspiration for people across the world with his amazing recovery from a debilitating and almost deadly intestinal disease.

After a two year battle with the illness, he lost over 40 pounds of hard earned muscle, but was able to "heal" himself using natural whole foods, and real nutrition. Now he helps others get healthier, leaner, and stronger using the same principles and shares this information with anybody who is serious about improving their health & physique.

Jamin has worked extensively with athletes on the professional and collegiate level and as an ex-Division 1 and professional athlete himself, Jamin uses his real world, in the trenches experience to help others unleash their true fitness potential.

Using the same type of high intensity programs and techniques that create world class athletes, Jamin helps "regular Joes" unlock their genetic potential using a no bs, no gimmick approach.

Jamin is the author of The 6 Pack Secret: Fat Burning Secrets of The World's Top Fitness Models.


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