Nancy Di Nino


I was a gymnast and Professional Dancer who always worked out while performing and competing as it is essential to each respective discipline. Then someone approached me with the idea of competing in Fitness and Figure indicating I already had the essential ingredients of grace, poise, personality and being fit and why not try a competition. I took a break from dance and tried my first show of which I placed 4th at my first FAME show ever, and 1st in my first OPA/NPC Figure show and everything took off from there. Photographers were calling etc... and a brand new life began.

For me, with every workout, every weight I lift, every cardio session I do, I feel inspired at the fact that I am taking action, living life the best I can and respecting and loving my body at best. When you feel good it is a karmatic influx feeling on the inside which nourishes your soul. When you feel good, life is good and you want to inspire others to feel the best they can. The best feeling in the world is looking at yourself in the mirror after months of training... and asking yourself, "Is this really me?"... and the answer stares you right in the face... and the greatest sense of accomplishment hits you. I really like and want to continue being a role model to others.

For me, just looking at myself in the mirror keeps me motivated. Either, I don't like what I see, and want to improve, or on the other hand, I like what I see, and want to improve as a personal goal. Also being so active in the industry, I usually compete various times throughout the year and am booked with various appearances and photoshoots which gives me the motivation to keep on track. I see myself as my own "walking billboard."



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