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Well, after coming in at a very heavy 230, I have cut down to 214; I tried to lose a little weight, but only enough so that I don't get my body fat levels too high when I start adding mass again. I plan on bulking up again for football over the summer, so I'm looking to put on quite a bit of size this time around. My strength has dropped considerably, as I am not pushing/pulling anything close to where I used to when I was heavier. Moreover, I feel that even though I am not that cut right now, I still think that I have sacrificed quite a significant bit of muscle in the process. Hopefully, that will all return quickly and I can be back on my way to breaking some old lifting records. Just so you know, here's what they are/were:

  • Bench Press: 315x1, 300x4
  • Deadlift: 485x2
  • Power Clean: 275x1
  • Squat: 405x5, 455x2
I plan on posting updated training journals as frequently as possible. Just as a warning, try not to be shocked about how light the poundages I'm lifting are; part of that is a genuine loss of strength and another part is just me choosing to go lighter. Monday I start back on a bulking phase, so I'll be back to heavy weights then.
  • Name: Ben Griffing
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: down to 214 after peaking at 230
  • Location: Niskayuna, NY
  • Years Bodybuilding: 4
  • Favorite Body Parts: Traps, Forearms, Biceps
  • Favorite Exercise: Incline Bench Presses, Dumbbell Rows
  • Favorite Supplements: Whey Protein powder, Creatine, Multi-vitamins
  • Hobbies: Bodybuilding and schoolwork are the only things I really do.

  • Arms:
  • 15" cold, unflexed
  • 17" cold, flexed
  • Body fat: Not sure, somewhere around 11, probably a little higher?

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