Dean Goudie


I started bodybuilding 2 years ago just because. I had no real reason, I was very small, I weighed around 120 pounds but I really didn't care. One day all my friends started weight-lifting, and after about 6 months or so they started gaining noticeable size. I didn't want to fall behind them so I started lifting weights.

Within a very short period of time I noticed great results. After about 6 months I knew I would never stop lifting. My body changed shape, and the results didn't stop. About then I needed a better edge, so I started watching what I ate, and dove into the supplement world, I then considered myself a bodybuilder. Now after 2 years the only regret I have is not starting earlier. My best weight to date is 170, which is a long way from where I started.

Name: Dean Goudie
Favorite Body Parts: Chest & Triceps
Favorite Exercise: Skull Crushers
Favorite Supplements: EAS MyoWhey & Creatine Monohydrate
Hobbies: Lifting, partying, water skiing, swimming, water boarding
Favorite Bodybuilders: Jay Cutler & Arnold

Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170
Waist: 34"
Legs: 24"
Arms: 15"
Chest: 38"
Calves: 15"


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