Trainer Jim


Trainer Jim is an avid sports training enthusiast with expertise in diet, training and supplementation.


  • Supplementation For Baseball!

    This is not a rehash of my previous article. This article is more of a 'going off on a tangent' type of article about supplements and ... baseball!

  • My Transformation Into A Track And Field Athlete - Part 3.

    The track season is now over. Was it a success? Did I meet my expectations or fall flat on my face? The answer is not black or white unfortunately. Learn more below.

  • My Transformation Into A Track And Field Athlete - Part 2.

    Preseason track practice is about to begin. Many people want to know what my program will be. Here are the exercises I am doing, the supplements I take, and the recovery methods I employ.

  • Eliminating Mistakes For Better Training Results.

    In the following article, I hope to point out the mistakes most training programs make, and what you can do to rectify them. My aim is not to completely alter your training style, or to mold you in a certain way, but rather to enhance an existing...

  • Deciphering Your Baseball Stats

    In this article I can make my case for new statistical observations, and how to include them in your games, which will help you get noticed by pro and college scouts.

  • Nutrition & Supplementation For Baseball.

    In the following article, I plan on outlining the basic principles of a good nutrition and supplementation program that will allow you to achieve optimal performance. Even though the title of the article says baseball, this can be applied to any sports...