Wade McNutt


I started weight training at age 15 after receiving a copy of Muscle & Fitness from my sister. I remember Troy Zuclotto had just one the Mr. California contest and had these huge muscles. More importantly all these muscle guys in the books had girls around them and at 15 that was what I wanted.

Since I weighed about 135 lbs and had zero women interested in me I decided muscles were the key to get noticed by women. Since I lived in the middle of the woods in NB (it was 5 miles to my nearest neighbor and 55 miles to a real gym) I constructed my own gym in my barn. During the winter I would train in a snowsuit as temperatures would be around -40 Celsius sometimes.

I didn't know much about training but I sure was enthusiastic. I started with the York weight training program that came with the bench press machine I purchased with money I made at work.

I eventually went to University at UNB in Fredericton where I studied Phys Ed with a Major in Sports Science exercise physiology. I competed in my first show in 1993 at the age of 21 and placed 3rd (of course I was robbed HAHAHAHA).

After I finished school went to California to learn all of the "secrets of the Pros". I lived at Venice beach for awhile and met Joe Gold. He told me to move back to Canada and get myself settled and then come back as the city would eat me alive. I took his advice and left the next day for Vancouver.

After a couple years working in the supplement and gym industry in Vancouver I then decided to move back to NB, bust my ass and win the provincial championships. I went back and came in 3rd at the 1996 show and then started training for the 1997 show one week later. After one year of complete mental focus and hardcore training I won the overall title at the NB Provincials.

It is my sincere goal to help anyone who wants to build their body and their health a complete body, mind and soul system that allows them to achieve the fastest and safest results possible. Through this system I hope to change the way people think about their training, their food choices, their health, and the good of the planet by example.

I also learned never to give up on your dreams no matter how hard or unattainable they may seem. Over the years I got to make a career out of my passion and I am looking to keep helping to positively empower others to get involved in this fantastic life changing, body and mind altering sport. Rest assured this is not the end it is only the beginning.


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