Lauren Ruhl


Lauren Ruhl is a licensed professional counselor and sport psychology consultant at Greenepsych, a boutique private practice located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Lauren received her bachelor's degree at Lebanon Valley College and her master's degree in Sport & Performance Psychology at the University of Denver. 

Lauren has a background in studying the optimal types of mental skills training for strength and conditioning athletes. Her master's thesis was titled, "Use of Exercise Imagery for Recreational Weightlifters." She is passionate about promoting to her clients an understanding of the mind-body connection. Lauren obtained her Strength & Conditioning Certification in 2016 and has four years of personal training experience.

Lauren provides individual and small group mental skills training for athletes/sport parents, teams, and coaches, as well as working individually with clients, from middle school to post-college age.

Due to her own injury history, Lauren has specialized in supporting and guiding athletes through the mental rollercoaster of injury recovery. Lauren helps her rehabbing clients develop the tools to increase pain tolerance, decrease stress and anxiety levels, cope with isolation and identity issues, and improve mental coping skills. 

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