Herve Duchemin


I am 26 years old, originally from Bronx, New York, but currently residing in South Beach, Florida. I've been personal training for about eight years now, and hold an AFAA personal trainer certification, advanced trainer certification, and am very knowledgeable in areas relating to functional/core stability training, cardiovascular exercise, postural analysis and bodyfat assessment, and nutrition as it pertains to physique 'morphing'. I am very skilled at dropping and adding weight quickly, both fat, as well as water (which the majority of individuals don't understand).

In 2002 I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Boston College, and soon moved back to New York, where I began to pursue fitness modeling, and private personal training, putting the Computer Science aside periodically. I did a nationwide advertisement for Twinlab's Ripped Fuel, which was placed in 1000 gyms nationwide, and featured in magazines such as Men?s Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, FHM, Stuff, Maxim, and GQ.

Currently, I am pursuing both a career in fitness modeling/personal training, as well as electronic music production, both of which I am able to focus on very intensely down here in South Beach.

Being that the weather is very warm all year, it is very conducive to me being able to stay lean year-round for whatever work might be available for me. In conjunction with a healthy diet regimen and organized fitness plan, I find that my mind remains focused and positively motivated to accomplish whatever goals I may have set for myself each day, in an orderly and timely fashion. Height: 6'0
Weight: 200lbs
Bodyfat %: 7-8% year-round, 3-4% contest


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