Dr. Matthew Isner


I graduated from Ripley High School in Ripley, WV (a small rural town that didn't have a lot of history of healthy living). I loved playing basketball, hunting and fishing and graduated at about 135 lbs soaking wet. I went onto college in WV but I just wanted to hunt and fish and the school wanted me to study: that relationship didn't work out too well. I decided that I needed a change and enlisted in the Army. I graduated from Infantry Basic/AIT in November 1991 as a Distinguished Honor Graduate and was sent on to Ft. Campbell KY. I did morning PT that was required, but I hated running and still do to this day. I always said "I would rather walk 20 miles than run 2".

I applied for and was awarded a Green-to-Gold scholarship and was send back to West Virginia State College to finish my degree. I graduated with a Business Degree and was commissioned in the Military Police Corp. It was at this time that I started lifting weights and loved Powerlifting. I did a few competitions but was never "great" at it but I have a love of the sport to this day. I graduated MP Officer Basic as the Leadership award winner and was immediately sent to Germany and then straight to Bosnia. I spend a total of 3 years in Germany and was returned stateside in 1999. I left active duty in 2000 and found my way into Chiropractic.

I went back to school and finished the pre-requirements that I needed to start in the first class of Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2002. I really loved the lifestyle and the time at the Gold's Gym there in Port Orange. I would go there every day after school and found a new "love". My time in the gym is my time to unwind. It is a place of comfort and a place to center myself. After working out there I finally got up to 205 and have stayed around that weight every since. I have realized that I need to workout for my own sanity. I really feel totally different if I take any time off from the gym. It is a requirement of mine no matter where I go. When I bought my practice in Mineral Wells, WV, I immediately found a room to set up my power rack, bench and weights so I could workout over lunch.

I constantly look in the mirror and find the faults, but after turning 40 I think I look good for my age. I still think I look smaller if I miss a few workouts. I am hooked on the lifestyle now. It is hard at times when you're living in a community that doesn't put an emphasis on fitness. I am writing these articles not only for the patients to read but to reach out to the fitness community for support.

Now, like I always say "get up and go workout".